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Life-changing inventions debuted at World Expos


With Dubai Expo 2020 on the way, here are some astonishing creations we know and love today that were unveiled at previous World Expos.

1851 London: The very first expo saw the birth of London’s iconic Crystal Palace.

1855 Paris: The washing machine was debuted.

1876 Philadelphia: Heinz Tomato Ketchup was introduced.

1889 Paris: Thomas Edison unveiled his gramophone.

1893 Chicago: The zipper

1900 Paris: Talking movies projecting image and sound simultaneously.

1904 St. Louis: The ice cream cone

1939 New York: The first television was presented.

1970 Osaka: The first IMAX film premiered.

1970 Osaka: Mobile phone was revealed.

Nicole Greeff, Mojo PR

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