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World leaders from 139 countries descended on Dubai last week for the World Government Summit. The event always drums up exciting news about shaping future governments.

We saw the launch of the Global Happiness Dialogue to better understand the genetic and neurological baselines for happiness. Elon Musk was there to discuss the future of transportation, a moment he used to announce the launch of Tesla in the UAE.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick predicted humanoid robots delivering pizzas supported by driverless cars equipped with artificial intelligence chatbots. These titans of innovation announcing their visions for the future weren’t the only highlights…

Tara Rogers-Ellis & Louise Mezzina, Mojo PR

..From the sidelines of the Summit, the UAE revealed intentions to create a ‘mini city’ on Mars by 2117.

This jaw-dropping, eye-popping and mind-boggling rhetoric sounded more like the stuff of a sci-fi film. But it’s not a far-off reality as governments race to harness the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.

Crucial to winning this race, and arguably the most important discussion during the Summit, is education. Dr Scott Kaufman, scientific director of the Philadelphia-based Imagination Institute, called for an overhaul of education systems globally because they are out of sync with the aspirations of newer generations.

He says outdated models of measuring intelligence and academic achievement neglect personal ambitions and ‘beyonder characteristics’ that are a better predictor of lifelong achievement.

“People who are open to experience, who reflect and play with ideas, are curious souls with an active imagination and believe in their personal growth are more likely to find a personal reason to contribute to the society.

“Magic strikes when these dreamer traits meet the doer-determination – making the blend of imagination and dreams the most important instrument for lifelong creativity.”

It’s a charge the UAE is well placed to lead.


Tara Rogers-Ellis & Louise Mezzina, Mojo PR

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