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Enjoy a Mouthful of Emirati Cuisine at Logma

by The 100 Companies

If you are looking for some seriously delicious and authentic dishes then Logma is the place to enjoy the best of Emirati and Khaleeji culinary treasures.

Logma, Arabic for ‘mouthful’ is the perfect invitation to bite into Emirati and Khaleeji cuisine. On entering, you are immediately greeted warmly by the staff, each wearing a traditional headwrap, known as the ‘Ghatra’.

With the restaurant on a mission to keep traditions alive, it offers an array of local dishes including Chicken Machbous, Roasted Chicken Khameer, Logma fries topped with traditional spices and their signature Lugaimat topped with date syrup and sesame seeds.

Hend Fadel, Mojo PR

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