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What adds up to 100?


While you’re sure to be familiar with this list of easy summer snacking treats that are salty, savoury and sweet, do you know how many you can munch on for just 100 calories?

4 x tablespoons hummus
16 x black olives
100 x radishes
15 x dry-roasted cashews
13 x steamed shrimp
100 x raspberries
17 x (in-shell) edamame
31 x spears asparagus
3 x clementines
33 x cherry tomatoes
33 x seedless grapes
3.25 cups air-popped popcorn
1 x medium banana
4 x chocolate kisses
2 x medium chocolate-chip cookies
12 x gummi bears

Tara Rogers-Ellis, Mojo PR

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